4 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

Whether it’s a property dispute, drafting a will or a child custody battle, there are a variety of reasons why you could be seeking the advice of lawyers in Melbourne. However, not all law firms provide the same high standards of service, so it pays to know the right type of questions to ask in order to gauge the prospective lawyer’s abilities and expertise. Here are four crucial questions to ask before you hire a lawyer. 

Which Areas of Law Do You Have Expertise In?

Your dispute may demand the services of a subject matter expert in one particular area of law. It’s also possible that your matter could intersect multiple areas of law. It may seem obvious, but the first question you should ask before hiring lawyers in Melbourne is which areas of law they have expertise in. This will clarify from the outset if the prospective attorney or law firm is actually equipped to handle your particular dispute, increasing your chances that the lawyers you hire can obtain a favourable resolution for your matter. 

Have You Succeeded in Similar Disputes?

While positive results can’t be guaranteed depending on the nature of your case, knowing that the lawyer or firm you’re thinking of hiring has successfully handled disputes like yours in the past will ensure you’ve done everything possible to achieve a favourable outcome. 

This question will also reveal the ratio of similar disputes the lawyer or firm managed to win or lose and give you an idea of the lengths they went to during those previous proceedings. Asking this question can dramatically increase the confidence you have in your lawyer.

How Are Fees Charged?

Depending on the level of expertise you need and the nature of your dispute, lawyers in Melbourne can be expensive. Some lawyers and firms charge by the hour, while others may charge set fees per client and case. It’s important to know how fees are charged so you can organise your finances accordingly.

While it may be tempting, it’s almost never a good idea to go for a budget or low-cost lawyer or law firm. If you intend for your dispute to have a beneficial outcome, go with the lawyers that have the knowledge and expertise you need, even if they charge more than their competitors. You’ll be thankful you did in the long run. 

What Are Your Tactics When it Comes to This Type of Case?

Hiring lawyers in Melbourne that have a compatible working style for the kind of outcome you’re trying to achieve is crucial. For instance, if you’re attempting to achieve a calm and amicable resolution for a divorce, the worst thing you could do is hire an aggressive lawyer with an abrasive communication style. Envisioning the kind of outcome you’re trying to achieve and then factoring in your prospective lawyer’s personality in achieving that outcome will go a long way to helping you determine if you’re making the right choice.

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