Are Children More At Risk Of Getting Attacked By A Dog?

Dogs are one of the most loved animals in the world, which is why a significant percentage of families in the US keep them as pets. Some families keep three or more dogs out of love for that animal. However, one should not forget about the dangers, risks, and injuries associated with dog attacks. 

Some people are scared of dogs, to the point where they start panicking even at the sight of one. Most of these people have had bad experiences with dogs. Dog attacks can be very dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening. Children are more at risk because of certain factors. If someone else’s dog has injured your child, a local personal injury law firm can help. 

Why are children more likely to get attacked by a dog?

Most children are mischievous by nature. They do not have worldly knowledge and are not aware of the risks and consequences of their actions. They might look at a dog and want to play with it, not knowing that the animal might be dangerous. Aggressive dogs may give off subtle signs that small children might not be able to pick. 

Reasons why children are more likely to suffer a dog attack 

  • Excitement. 

As stated above, small children do not have much worldly knowledge and are unaware of the consequences of their actions. Kids who love dogs may act too excitedly around any dog they come across. They might force the animal to play with them, yell and jump around. 

Not all dogs like to make friends with new people, and sometimes they prefer to be left alone. Children who do not understand this can frighten or anger the dog, who might bite out of fear or annoyance. 

  • Petting procedure. 

Not all dogs are the same. While there are dogs who are friendlier than others and can take any type of petting, others may need to be approached more carefully. Strange dogs should be approached in a unique way so as not to anger them and reduce the likelihood of an attack. 

Adults know how to be careful around such dogs. On the other hand, children are likely to grab any dog they see without judging its friendliness. 

  • Inability to fight back. 

Even if adults get involved in a dog bite, they at least possess some physical and mental ability to fight back. However, children usually do not have that. They might not be able to do much for their self-defense other than running. This might cause the dog to injure them badly and even inflict permanent injuries. 

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