Four Issues That May Arise as You Negotiate Child Custody Arrangements with Your Spouse in Ridgeland

Child custody is a contentious issue in a separation or divorce. As you and your spouse go through the process, your emotions can run high and you can face challenges you don’t expect. Thus, it can help to understand the factors that can result in child custody disputes. Also, you must know when you must involve a family lawyer in Ridgeland

Legal Representation

If your spouse has hired an attorney, this does not automatically mean they are working to take your children away from you. But this means they have an advantage over you in terms of negotiating custody. Their attorney has the knowledge, expertise, and skills in child custody matters that you do not have. Trying to be your own advocate is quite challenging if your spouse has an attorney on their side. To level the playing field, you should also hire your own attorney.


Usually, relationships can lead to relocation, which adds more challenges to your custody agreement. Whether you want to relocate because of a new job or a new relationship, the move has a profound effect on custody arrangements. 

In general, the further away a parent is moving, the larger the challenge they may face. Even if you and your spouse have a custody agreement in place, you may need to negotiate a new one due to the move. Because of long-distance travel, your current custody arrangement can become impractical or even impossible. 

Cohabitation and Remarriage

You and your spouse can have custody issues when one of you remarries or moves in with a new partner. A new relationship can significantly affect your child’s stable environment. When you or your spouse starts a new family, new priorities are made. Also, this can put pressure on your living space and introduce new people into your house, possibly causing other issues. 

Abuse Allegations

Abuse allegations are not taken lightly by courts, particularly when they arise questions regarding the safety of a child. Although these allegations need to be proven, they can affect custody and visitation rights. If you accused your spouse of domestic abuse during your divorce proceedings, you must hire an attorney to make sure your rights are protected. 

Likewise, if you think your child is in danger when your spouse is around, you must take action to protect them from possible harm. You can negotiate supervised visitation or other court protections to guarantee the safety of your child. 

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