Here’s why you need a construction accident lawyer 

Accidents are not rare or unheard of in the construction industry. However, just because you work in the construction sector doesn’t mean you have to risk your life and deal with injuries because of mishaps that were preventable in the first place. Unfortunately, the world is far from perfect, and various parties fail to adhere to the basic safety norms, which lead to serious accidents. If you suffered injuries in such a mishap, you need to contact a construction accident lawyer. Here’s more on what you need to know. 

Types of construction accidents

It’s a common myth that construction accidents only affect the workers at the site. Many civilians also get injured at these places. Examples of such mishaps would include falling debris, falls from scaffoldings, injuries caused by machinery malfunction, explosions, crane accidents, and electrocutions. Depending on the circumstances, a victim could file a workers’ compensation claim, a personal injury claim, or both. 

Reasons to lawyer up

  • Know your claim better. Do you have a valid injury claim? What is your construction accident lawsuit worth? What kind of damages can you recover? An attorney can answer these questions for you. 
  • Negotiate better with the other. If you have a valid case, your lawyer will do their best to negotiate a fair settlement from the other side. Most construction accident lawsuits don’t end up in court, and your lawyer’s negotiation skills can help you get the compensation you deserve without approaching the court. 
  • Go to trial with confidence. While most PI lawsuits are settled through discussions between parties, exceptions are not rare. If you need to file a lawsuit and battle things in court, your attorney can help come up with ideas that will help prove your side. Not all PI lawyers are trial attorneys, and that’s an aspect you must consider. 
  • Help with deadlines and paperwork. You have limited time to file a construction accident lawsuit from the date of the accident, which depends on the statute of limitations in your state. Get an attorney so that you don’t have to deal with the paperwork and legal hassles. The time off can help you recover sooner. 

No immediate fee

If you are worried about whether you can afford an attorney, remember that these lawyers usually charge a contingency fee for construction accidents. You have to share a percentage share of the settlement that you get, which could be between 30% and 40%, but you don’t need to pay an upfront fee. 

Call a lawyer now!

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