The How And What Of The Job Of Real Estate Lawyers

You must be wondering why you need to hire a real estate lawyer. Here you will be amazed to know that the estate lawyers would do everything from the disputed resolution to the title search of the property. They help their clients know if the title of their property is clear for sale or development. Apart from that, they have to make title search certificates or title search reports according to their client’s preferences and requirements. The lawyers check for litigations and pending not cages on the property of their clients. It helps him to find amicable and reasonable solutions for their clients.

Apart from that, the lawyers advise on a variety of property-related matters. They are known for drafting lease agreements, license agreements, and many more. Handling property or land-related disputes is their USP. But who can take the help of a real estate attorney? Well, the clients of such lawyers range from promoters and developers to individuals who invest in flats. So if you are trying to get the land to develop a property then you need to get in touch with a real estate lawyer.

The Laws And Regulations That Real Estate Lawyers Need To Know

The real estate lawyer should have knowledge of a range of laws. From the Transfer of Property Act to Development Control Rules, everything he must know to serve clients in a better way. A real estate lawyer must earn his law degree by completing 3 years of study. As he passes the state bar Examination, which the state administers, he can practice. With the beginning of the electric courses, the lawyer would start their training. One can also opt for an internship during Law School in order to get a certificate as a good lawyer.

Here are some of the laws that the lawyer must know in order to protect the client.

  • Transfer Of Property Act
  • Contract Act
  • Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • Real Estate Regulation And Development Act
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • State Rules And Regulations


The Skill Of A Real Estate Lawyer

To be a real estate attorney, one must have a variety of skills. Along with that, they should be experienced enough to apply those skills in real life. Here are some of the things that one needs to possess in order to be a real estate lawyer.

  • Knowledge Of The Real Estate Law

Knowing about the different rules, regulations, and laws would help real estate lawyers to serve their clients to the fullest. Moreover, when a client comes to the family law attorney for a simple title search certificate, the lawyer must be capable enough to serve the client. Apart from that they may also get clients who come for understanding the contractual applications. Hence the lawyer must have a Thor knowledge of the relevant laws, including the state rules and regulations. Apart from that, they must be knowing the apps like the Regional And Town Planning Act, Transfer Of Property Act, and other important acts.

  • Contract Drafting

Along with that, every lawyer should know about drafting a contract. They must be acquainted with the law to help their client during their need. For instance, the lawyer may get a promoter or a developer as a client who wants to develop his property and before entering the agreement, they want to make the developer’s agreement.


  • Dispute Resolution

Disputes regarding any immovable property can occur at any point in time. During such a situation, the person earning the property can take the help of a criminal defense attorney in order to put the case in the right court. The lawyer would have the knowledge of a dispute resolution mechanism to solve the keys. The real estate lawyer would find an amicable resolution of such disputes for his clients. With the help of the knowledge that he has about law, he would help his client to come out of the potential issues. At the same time, he is knowledge would safeguard his clients against any kind of disputes.

In Conclusion

Real estate law is an interesting and lucrative field of study. It gives an opportunity to every lawyer to develop their skills in a variety of laws. The law of regulations and legislation helps the lawyer to keep them on their toes. It also helps them to stay on top of the game. The market of any real estate depends upon real estate lawyers. Especially if any clients require legal advice, can take the help of a real estate law attorney.

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