Top Signs You Need To Check Your Transmission 

For a safe drive in Louisville, it is crucial to maintain your vehicle and ensure all its parts are in good working condition. As with any part of your car, the transmission should be checked regularly. Early detection of problems can save not only you thousands of dollars but your life as well. The more you delay maintenance, the more serious damage is done to the vehicle. 

If your transmission has gone out, there are a few signs your car will show that you should know about. These signs usually begin to show during the last stages, so it is crucial you take them to the repair shop immediately. If you have been involved in a car accident due to a damaged transmission, speak to an injury attorney louisville today. 

Top signs you need to check your transmission 

  • Weird smells. 

When you sense a weird smell during your drive, you may think it is coming from the surroundings rather than your own car. However, if the smell is constant every time you drive, it may be coming from your engine. If the smell seems like something is burning, you should immediately take your car to a reputed repair shop. 

When the transmission fluid runs low, it overheats and starts to burn. There are various other reasons for a burning smell coming out of a car, all of which indicate unsafe conditions. You should get burning smells checked immediately, regardless of the reason. 

  • Refusal to switch gears. 

If your vehicle refuses to switch gears or you are facing difficulty doing so, you likely have a problem with your transmission. Exhausted, degraded, or low-quality fluid in the transmission may be why your vehicle refuses to change gears. Gears slipping in or out of place while your vehicle is in motion is also a bad sign.

  • Leaking transmission fluid. 

You should change your transmission fluid every 60,000 miles or as specified by your vehicle manufacturer. If your transmission is experiencing a leak, you may find red liquid pooling under your vehicle. This is the most obvious sign of a leak. However, the signs are not always this apparent. 

To check for yourself, use a dipstick to see the color of the fluid. If it appears pinkish-clear, the automatic transmission fluid is in good condition. If the color appears dark red or brown, you need to schedule an appointment with the repair shop.

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