What All Parents Should Know About CPS Home Visits in Texas

Child safety is the top priority of Child Protective Services (CPS). But as some parents know, a CPS home visit is among the most stressful and nerve-wracking things a parent can go through. The best way to deal with a CPS home visit in Texas is to arm yourself with the knowledge to ensure that you protect your legal rights. During a CPS home visit, your caseworker will check on the following:

Your Child’s Basic Needs

This means that your child must live in a safe environment and that they’re clothed appropriately, well-fed, and loved. Make sure that you have enough food in your home, including healthy foods like various fruits and veggies. Your child should have age-appropriate toys and books, and you must show proof that they’re in school if applicable.

Your home doesn’t have to be completely spotless. Just make sure it’s tidy enough before the caseworker arrives because their main concern is ensuring that your child has adequate livable space in your house.

Potential Hazards

Ensure that your home is free of potential hazards that could harm your child. This means ensuring that unused electrical outlets are covered, wires are neatly tucked away, and that things that require repairing are repaired on time. Take care of any fall, trip, safety, and electrical hazards. If applicable, all pets must be properly bathed, fed, and habituated.

You should likewise make sure that anything that could harm your child is locked away and safely stored, including:

  • Guns and other weapons
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pest control products
  • Cleaners and detergents
  • Other chemicals
  • Power tools and similar equipment
  • Alcohol

Apart from ensuring that your house is safe, the caseworker will likewise check to see if you have the necessary preventive measures in place, such as locks to the attic, garage, toolshed, medicine cabinet, swimming pool area, basement, etc. You should have functioning smoke detectors as well.

Your Relationship With Your Child

Ultimately, CPS caseworkers need to ensure that you have a great relationship with your child and that they are safe. You can expect the caseworker to ask basic questions about what your kids like and don’t like. You can tell them what a typical day looks like in your home and specific things you do to bond and connect with your child.

Take note that the caseworker can interview your child alone, so make sure to also prepare them for this. Tell them that they shouldn’t be afraid of the caseworker and that they should answer questions truthfully.

Any Illegal Activity

Any weapons, alcohol, or harmful substances must be safely locked away and unreachable to your child. Aside from looking for red flags of possible use of illegal substances, the caseworker will likewise check for signs of selling, buying, and creating anything illegal.

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