How Can One Get Injured With An Airbag In A Car Accident

When an airbag releases itself in case of a car accident, it can come towards you at high speed, which you might not be prepared for. In addition, the airbag can be hot and have chemicals that help in the deployment. Airbags are a boon for car accidents and save drivers and passengers from severe injuries. However, they can also be responsible for some injuries and damages to the driver and other people in the car. 

In case of a car accident, you should first rush to the hospital and check yourself after discussing all the injuries with your doctor. Make sure to contact a car accident lawyer in Roseville as soon as possible. 

Treating the injuries sustained in a car accident can be expensive, but you can take help from your insurance company to manage the cost by filing a claim. However, dealing with the insurance company will not be easy, and that’s when you will need your lawyer to take over. 

Nevertheless, here is all the information you need about airbags and how they can affect you by causing injuries in a car accident. 

General functioning of the airbag

The airbag of any car is made of light fabric so that it can function fast in an emergency. The airbag is fitted in the steering wheel on the driver’s side, and on the passenger’s side, it is seated inside a compartment in the dashboard. 

If you compare the airbag size, the driver’s airbag is much smaller than the passenger one as it is nearer to the driver’s seat. The passenger airbag is massive because the seat is placed at a distance and is required to cover that area to provide maximum protection. 

The airbag has an igniter that will be triggered in a severe car accident. Once activated, it will release a gas, mostly nitrogen or argon, into the airbag, and the airbag will release itself. The average time required by the airbag to ultimately deploy itself is around 1/20th per second. 

However, the airbag will deflate in a couple of seconds again, but the sudden release can land chemicals and dust on your skin which can cause an irritating sensation. 

Consequences of deployment of an airbag

While the airbags are designed to ensure your safety during a crisis, even the slightest error in their functions can result in severe consequences. The most important thing is to keep a regular check on the sensor airbag as things can go wrong with it, which can put the safety of the people inside the car at risk.

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