What Damages can be Compensated in a Personal Injury Claim in Cedar Rapids?

Personal injury claims stem from car accidents, falls, and other types of bodily harm. These claims often result in the victim losing physical mobility, requiring pain and rehabilitation therapy. For those who have been injured by someone else’s negligent or dangerous behavior, the impact can be far-reaching. 

Depending on the injury sustained during an accident or a fall and your financial situation at the time, it may be difficult to pay for your medical bills and recovery expenses. In such instances, you can speak to a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer to understand the scope of receiving compensation.

Are you wondering what kind of damages can be compensated in a personal injury claim? If yes, here are what you can compensate in a personal injury claim.

  • All kinds of medical expenses

In a personal injury claim, medical expenses after hospitalization can be compensated. These expenses could include medical bills for the hospital stay and even medical bills for rehabilitation therapies.

  • Lost and future earnings

There are cases wherein the victim’s future earnings can be compensated for. For example, if your future earning capacity has been severely affected due to the injury sustained in a personal injury claim, you can make a claim for these losses.

  • Pain and suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering is provided in an amount that represents the damage suffered by the victim due to his or her injuries. Pain and suffering can be compensated based on the consultations of medical professionals and rehabilitation therapy sessions.

  • Emotional distress

If you have suffered emotional distress due to your injuries, this can be compensated. This type of damage is difficult to quantify, and is usually dealt with by a jury. The best way to know what damages can be compensated in a personal injury claim is by having an attorney represent you in your case. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to ensure that your rights are protected and will help you get the compensation you deserve for the damages and losses you have sustained as a result of an accident or fall.

  • Loss of enjoyment

There are certain losses that are difficult to quantify. In a personal injury claim, compensation for loss of enjoyment can be compensated. This means that if you have lost your disability in the ability to do activities or hobbies you once loved, this can be compensated.

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